NSE 22nd National N Scale Convention



Wednesday 25th - Sunday 29th June, 2014

Convention News

by Dick Ollendorf

NSE Milwaukee 21st National N Scale Convention

The Convention is over; we hope that everyone had a great time!  We have received hundreds of photographs which we have as far as possible sorted into the following groups based on the information provided. There will however be crossovers and there are a good many duplications as in many cases we received the photographs unedited. 

Just click on the group name to see the pictures.

Cass Scenic Railroad Registration
cass Registration
Welcome Reception Room Sales
Reception Room Sales
VMT Tour NS and FCA Tour
Auction Layouts
Live Auction Hotel Layouts
more layouts
Swaparama Clinics
Swaparama Clinics
Model Contest Railfanning
model rail faining
Bowlarama Banquet
Bowlarama banquet


Due to the volume of photographs received by N Scale Enthusiast we regret that we are unable to give individual credit to each photo.  N Scale Enthusiast also assumes that unsolicited material recieved – including photographs – is intended for publication on our website, unless otherwise noted, and is contributed gratis.

We would like to thank the following photographers for submitting their efforts to N Scale Enthusiast. We really appreciate their efforts.

Keith Schmidt, Collin Reinhart, Steve miller, Terrie Compoy, Robert & Deena Anthony,
Dewey Jones II, Dick Ollendorf,Mike Vivion,Paul Graf, Mike & Barbara Homewood and Casey Thomeson.



Thank you to everyone that made this

convention possible including . . .

2013 N Scale Enthusiast National N Scale Convention Committee Volunteers

Our thanks go to . . .

Jack Armstrong
Eleanor Armstrong
Marilyn Baker
Dick Baker
Meghan Barone
Howard Barnfather
Ryan Brogdon
Neal Carnaby
Dean Daughenbaugh
Richard Fisher
Nanci Fritschle
Carter Fritschle
Matt Gaudynski
Paul Graf
Doug Hickman
Barbara Hoxsie
Fred Hoxsie
Skip Hayes
Lorraine Hayes
George Johnsen
David Kolb
David Kaplan
Jon Monsein
Mike Homewood
Barb Homewood
Jakob Lewis
Dennis Miller
Betty Miller
Janet Ollendorf
Alex Postpischil
David Reinhart
Linda Reinhart
Eric Smith
Keith Schmidt
Mike Vivion
Ken Yohe

A Special thanks to these NSE supporters!

Zana Ireland – Digitrax
A. J. Ireland – Digitrax
Rich Businger – Digitrax
J. Brent McKinley – Vine Street Group
Fred Hoxsie – GHP
Peter Harris – N Scale Kits
Eric Smith – Micro Trains Line
Paul Graf – Atlas Model Railroad Co.
Kirk Reddie – N Scale Railroading
Pamela Clapp - N-Scale Magazine
Brad Herz – Tex-N-Rails
Craig Ross – Bluford Shops
Matt Gaudynski – Fox Valley Models
Peter Postel – Brooklyn Locomotive Works
David Ferrari – DeLuxe Innovations
Stacey Walters Naffah – Walthers
Kimber Stevens - Woodland Scenes
Dale Rush - Blair Line
Frank Angstead – Intermountain Railway
Dave Ferrari – DeLuxe Innovations
Athearn Trains
Lowell Smith - Lowell Smith Signature Series
Russ Kaufman -The N Scale Architect

Thanks for all the Layouts and Clinics!

Keith Schmidt

Thanks to all of you!


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