Annual free Micro-Trains Line car for every member

Our members are a worldwide community; US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Each June you will have an opportunity to meet your fellow members at the National N Scale Convention.

The free membership cars are a gift from Micro-Trains Line Company to each new member and every member when they renew for the following year. Each year brings a different new car which ships direct from Micro-Trains in Talent, Oregon when the production is complete which is usually in late June.

All subsequent issues of the N Scale Enthusiast magazine will have your membership number and membership expiration date on the mailing label. At the present time we do not offer membership cards; most folks didn't want another card to carry. This initial mailing contains information on the latest special run cars available to you as a member at a discounted price. You should visit our web site frequently to find new special runs that will be available. New runs are announced in each magazine issue. However, some are so desirable and may have only been produced in smaller quantities; these may be sold out if you wait for the magazine to arrive before ordering.

Also, the on-line, member only, collector quality auctions are announced on the web site as well as emailed direct to the address you furnished to us when you joined. Please keep your contact information up to date so you don't miss out on the offerings available to you. There is a place on the web page to update your information, purchase special runs, renew your membership, and when the time is right, register for the convention.

Our special runs are just that; unique, high quality, limited production offerings to the membership. Some are prototypical, some special "How They Should Have Been" paint schemes, and still others replicas of special cars fabricated for an industrial firm for a specific need. Recent offerings are models of cars used to transport NASA booster rockets to Cape Canaveral and cars to ship railroad wheels and axils from Standard Steel. Then there are the flatcars with Amish buggy load, or John Deere tractors. We commission many manufacturers for our runs and add custom finishes touches to many. Sound interesting ?

The annual convention is held in a different city each year; alternating from a central state, East coast, West coast, and repeating the cycle. Many members combine their vacation with the convention and bring the whole family. We try to have something to interest mom and the kids as well as the normal train related side trips. The convention welcome reception, the live auction, the swap-a-rama, side trips, an evening banquet, and new friends from around the world, are available to the whole family. Just imagine a hundred plus table train show of all N scale and then; everyone you meet, from all walks of life, all with the same interest in N scale models. That's not all. We usually have many of the local clubs attend and set up their layouts for your enjoyment. If you bring something you'd like to run on the layout; just ask. Click on the logo on the left, above the menu, for details of our next convention.

All of our Board Members that help your not-for-profit organization function are volunteers from all parts of the country . Each of them is ready to help insure you enjoy the N Scale Enthusiast as much as they have for many years. Just call the appropriate one and let him know your needs; of course, at a reasonable hour for their time zone.

Again, welcome. May you enjoy many years of happy membership.


Jack Armstrong
Director of Membership


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