Micro-Trains Line Company has an exciting announcement to make

MTL Gift 2017

Greetings NSE Members,

Micro-Trains Line Company has an exciting announcement to make.

Beginning in 2001, Micro-Trains has been producing and distributing to all N Scale Enthusiast members, in good standing, an annual "Member-Only" special release!

Our plan is simple; each year MTL will produce an N scale release exclusively for NSE members and it should be available early spring or early summer, before our annual Enthusiasts Convention.

We are especially pleased to confirm that the annual, N Scale Enthusiast release, will be at no additional charge! This is but one more way Micro-Trains Line Co., can provide an additional value-added benefit to the N Scale Enthusiast Society!

Members in good standing will receive their annual car directly from Micro-Trains, once they're available.  If your annual membership renewal takes place prior to the release date of the special release, you will receive the car upon its release.  If your membership renewal date is after the release date of the "Member-only" car, you will receive your car, once your renewal has been processed. If you want to renew your membership prior to your official renewal date, so you can receive the special release when it's first available-that's OK too. When available, shipment of the car will be six to eight weeks after renewal.

Please know that these annual member-only, special releases are exclusively for N Scale Enthusiast members.  Micro-Trains will not release this car to the public.

Eric D. Smith
CEO/President  Micro-Trains Line Co.

Thank you Eric and all the folks at Micro Trains for you support...
Jack Armstrong, Director of Membership, for the entire NSE Society



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