With many new collectors, and the introduction of computer programs that have come and gone, we have compiled a list of Current Reports available to you which can be used as aids in collecting and keeping inventories.

N Scale Reference Guide for Collectors

(formerly Sootsman's)

Compiled by Jack Armstrong of Savannah, Georgia

JUNE "Normally" Full Issue
(currently 600+ numbered pages)

suggested retail price $40.00

  • with original price
  • production date
  • high auction
  • notes
  • blank column for inventory, etc

Micro-Trains + Tabletops + Special Runs + others
Atlas/Kato/Rivirossi Locomotives + most all N-scale brass
Concor Sets and Special Runs
Atlas Freight
Auction List

JUNE (EACH YEAR) Z-Scale, Nn3 and HOn3
urrently 75 pages of freight, locomotives and brass, under separate cover

suggested retail price $15.00

Page Index by description of car (M-T) or manufacturer (loco, etc.)
All listings are numerical within categories

All are printed double sided on 24# paper, 3-ring punched, with heavy colored cover, in a zip type plastic bag. They are available through most major N-scale dealers around the country as listed below.

N-Scale REFERENCE GUIDE Dealer list

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